Giọt lệ cô ấy, Ánh sáng đời tôi v6.3.5 [MOD]
  • Phiên Bản: 6.3.5
  • OBB: No
  • Thể Loại: Games
  • Kích Thước: 58M
  • Ngày Đăng: February 14, 2020
  • Ngày Cập Nhật: 6 tháng trước
  • Lượt Xem: 230
Giới thiệu game "Giọt lệ cô ấy, Ánh sáng đời tôi"
this is the mobile version of HER TEARS WERE MY LIGHT: a visual novel originally created for NaNoRenO 2016.

it's a yuri love story about time and space. as time, you can move forward, backward, or warp to any moment you create a save point for. can you use that power to save space from her feelings of loneliness?

features: girls kissing! 3 endings, opendyslexic text option, and 12 languages.
a full playthrough takes about half an hour.

content advisory: mild horror elements. incredibly sappy romance.


- story and character art -

- backgrounds -

- music -

- translations -
Español - HunterTraducciones
Français - LaChouette
Deutsch - Lisa Petermann
Português - Raquel Espada
Русский - tinenmi (Tuna Std.), River
한국어 - KyleHeren
简体中文 - HomYvan​
繁體中文 - HomYvan, LydianChord, 校對:Sikv
Tiếng Việt - minhvipkk
ภาษาไทย - ProtoFriend